The Illustrated ‘USG in China’ and Other Stories

A Collection of Young Adult Historical Adventures

Heroes coming of age… and changing history.


Poison and pistols, thieves and treachery, bandits and naval battles, opium addicts and mysterious Caliphs and love triangles — readers will find it all in this richly illustrated collection of short stories.

Will the daughter of the first farmer save her mother from the clan’s hunters? Can young Ning Po save “Uriah Ess Grant” from assassination and pull China back from the brink of war?

President Grant’s little-heralded trip around the world is the setting for the title story in Tom Durwood’s collection of old-fashioned adventure fiction.

Young protagonists take on overwhelming obstacles in a wide range of historical eras. Spectacular full-color artwork by an international cast of rising artists brings these characters and their perils to life.

A most unusual take on history, these stories reminiscent of Louis L’Amour and Robert W. Howard introduces teen heroes, each standing at crucial moments in history. Will they survive adversity, swordplay, and heartbreak to save to hour?

In these pages, you will take part in a violent battle over succession in the Benin kingdoms, meet a young clerk who gets pulled into a murderous plot in 17th century Amsterdam, witness revenge in a cowboy saloon, and much more.  

Multicultural characters. Global history with clear links to world history classrooms. Enter a world of history’s most treasured settings, from the Golden Age of Sail to the cowboy west.

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