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High Sierras

A young sheriff’s deputy stakes his claim on a girl’s heart. In a deadly shoot-out, he is surprised by love. A graphic-novel style adaptation of an original story. Includes the full text, author’s note, and historical context.

“Gorgeously written … grab these books.” Kerri Irish, Comfy Reader book blog

“A new perspective on historical events. The stories and art are gripping…” Comicsverse​

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The Jade Necklace

An adventure set against the dying days of the High Maya. A young thief rescues a mysterious girl from the palace guard and faces a riddle.

“The debut of a wonderful writer.”
Laraine Herring, Monsoons, Lost Fathers and Lay My Sorrow Down

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The Caliph's Gift

“The Caliph’s Gift” is an exceedingly polished and well-crafted story. Meticulously researched … complex and interesting. — Sarah Park Rankin

“The influence of the East and Africa on trade is one of the most important stories in history and yet it is never told in this country.”
— Rob Clough, HighLow Comics

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